Quality Assurance (QA) engineers working at consultancy companies should embrace trying new technologies and solving problems. This role is best defined by two words: variety and challenges. QA engineers at consultancy companies must pay great attention to detail and check all of their actions meticulously to make sure everything is being done correctly. The position also requires equal focus on the quality of the software application and client expectations, and constant communication between all individuals and teams involved in the process.


Working as a QA engineer in a consultancy company demands very strong communication skills, flexibility and prioritization skills to help deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner. This role requires continuous improvement of both the process and working methods, which are not limited to testing or preventing defects but also consider the application’s lifecycle and ways to improve the product.

Challenges can arise from working with myriad intricate software applications and environments. As the complexity of the software and the multitude of targets that can be addressed increase, so do the technical and communication challenges. A good QA engineer should always plan for this complexity in each project and be prepared to handle these challenges.

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